Find success with your Persona hearing aids! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!


At Persona Medical we dedicate ourselves to your better hearing by offering innovative technology and reliable hearing instruments. We understand that each individual has a unique lifestyle and specific hearing needs. Once you have received your Persona hearing instrument fitted specifically for you, there are techniques you can use to optimize your fitting experience. Use the 1-2 -3 method below to make your trial period an enjoyable and successful venture.

1. Have one or two specific goals in mind. Think of a few areas where you would like a hearing aid to improve your ability to hear. This will allow your hearing specialist to focus on what is most important to you when selecting and fitting your hearing aids.

2. Bring a support person with you, whenever possible. S/he can help you answer questions and will be available to your hearing specialist as another source of information. Your support person may remember answers to questions that you forget. It will also give you a familiar voice to listen to while your hearing specialist fits your hearing instrument. When the appointment is over your support person can help you remember what your specialist taught you during the session.

3. Wear your hearing aid. Try it out in different situations. Have your support person show you the sounds of the world and experiment with new sounds. Learn the sounds of your car and home. You may find that you can hear your car engine running or the turn signal clicking. Explore your new world of sound and enjoy!