"I received the new Persona Hearing Aids that you sent me and I wanted to tell you that without a doubt these are the best hearing aids that I have ever used.....and I've used them all! As I sit here I can put in a S----, top of the line E------, R-------, A-------, ect, ect and there is a noticeable improvement with the Persona Hearing Aid.

I am glad you moved to Persona, I have used them for years and come to think of it I have never had anything but good (from you or the company) Thanks again".


Yours Truly,




"I would like to thank everyone at Persona Medical who had a hand in making my patient's hearing aid! I was impressed by the fit, by the sound quality, and by the speed in which I received the order. My patient would only wear a CIC when her loss called for a Full Shell hearing aid. I was very apprehensive when it came time to do the fitting but with the Persona Instrument we hit the appropriate targets. My patient was so thrilled with her hearing that she stopped for champagne on the way home to celebrate! Thanks again and I look forward to working with your company again! "

Diane Light, Zechman Hearing Aid Center






"A whole new world has opened up to our little boy!"

We can’t thank you enough for all the attention, care, and support you’ve provided Justin and us, and for his exceptional hearing aids.


We also appreciate your help in getting the aids optimally programmed and for your assistance in getting the right FM system for his classroom. Since then, a whole new world has opened up to our little boy! Using his aids and an FM system, he is thriving in a total communication learning environment, and we are amazed each day by his progress with language and communications.

His speech and vocabulary are steadily improving, and what a blessing to see him starting to read! It’s clear that every day he’s discovering more and more sound and how to use it. It’s a special joy when he realizes he’s heard a new sound: he stops whatever he’s doing to say “Hear it?? What was that?”- with really big eyes! It’s also fun to see how independent he is with his aids: he takes them in and out, puts them away, and changes the batteries himself! (“I do it!”)

We’re certain he would not have come this far so quickly, if not for your ongoing service and support! Thank you for all you’re doing to help Justin and other children like him!