Hearing and Your Healthcare:

  • Do you have a hearing problem and would like to know more about your hearing, your symptoms and some possible solutions?

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Audiology Definitions

In learning about hearing loss there will be many complex terms. Refer to this section when you come across any terms or explanations that are unfamiliar to you.


Your Childs Hearing:

Children with hearing loss can't tell us they don't hear well and they probably behave very differently than many of us imagine. Many children with hearing loss do respond to some sound. The only way to find a hearing loss in a child is to test for it. If you think your child may have a hearing loss, ask his/her pediatrician for a hearing test.

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Find Success

We understand that each individual has a unique lifestyle and specific hearing needs. Once you have received your Persona hearing instrument fitted specifically for you, there are techniques you can use to optimize your fitting experience. Use the 1-2 -3 method below to make your trial period an enjoyable and successful venture.


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Frequently asked questions:

View some common questions about hearing loss, symptoms, solutions and hearing instruments. Questions include,

How does the ear work?

What are the different types of hearing loss?

How common is hearing loss?

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