EarBudz are custom ear phones designed to maximize your music listening experience. EarBudz are made of soft silicone for prolonged comfort and are custom made to fit your ear. The tight fit earmold has the benefit of reducing external noise, and creating an excellent inner ear acoustic environment. Compatible with laptop computers, iPod, MP3 players, DVD players, CD players, Airline Travel, radios, cassette players, portable tv’s, Home Stereo systems, scanners, cb’s, etc.



Music lovers of all levels enjoy the benefits of our Musician earplugs. Custom made with a soft silicone material, the Musician earplug uses a flat attenuation or noise reduction filter to help you listen to the music that you love at a safer level. Unlike solid earplugs, Musician plugs retain more high frequencies, allowing you to hear the other musicians or listen to your fellow co-workers speak in a factory setting. These earplugs are also helpful as hearing protection when using chainsaws, lawn mowers, high speed drills, or other loud devices for short exposure times.



By the time you notice there is a problem, hearing loss has already occurred. Persona offers noise protection ear plugs to protect your hearing in workplaces where loud noises are generated from machines, engines, lawn mowers, noisy crowds, etc. They may also be used in domestic environments when loud noises are present.

These solid plugs provide at least 32dB attenuation (sound pressure reduction) across 125Hz to 8kHz, and up to 44dB attenuation at 8kHz. Workplace sound level measurements and hearing tests are recommended to determine the amount of attenuation needed.





Eardoc is one of the safest hearing aid dryers in today’s marketplace. EarDoc does not require consumables such as desiccant beads or drying stones. Instead, it uses self-regulating heating technology that efficiently extracts moisture while protecting instrument tubing and batteries.

Eardoc is small enough for travel. It is extremely simple to use and includes a one-year warranty.





Hearing aid devices are placed in such a manner that it exposes the electronic portions of the device to moisture, dirt, sweat, and other elements that remain the main cause of damage or failure of all hearing devices. While hearing aid cases have improved resistance to these elements, hearing devices are still susceptible to damage from the elements.

Persona Medical has created a protective cover which prevents moisture and dirt to areas like battery compartments, ribbon cable programming slots, push button memory switches, direct audio inputs, and dual direction microphone ports. The new protective cover is made from a FDA approved medical grade vinyl and is custom shaped to fully encompass your hearing instrument. It also allows users to access the battery door with the greatest of ease.

By creating a transverse cut through the middle of the cover, such that the cover hinges, it allows the rear portion of the cover to be removed for powering the device and changing the battery.




Made with bright, fun colors, our Splash™ swim plugs help keep water from getting into your ears. You can choose from eight great colors or mix colors together for a really cool look, like favorite school or team colors. Whatever color you choose, our Splash™ swim plugs are a fun way to protect those precious ears!

Plus, they come with built-in insertion and removal handles!

Splash™ Swim Plugs:

• Float
• Easy to handle
• Fun & colorful
• Reusable
• Reduce the chance of ear infections
• Soft Silicone