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Standardize multi-office locations. Eliminates different methodologies of fitting as a reason for different return rates between locations.

Simplifies training of office staff.

First fits are on target, everytime.

Rapid fitting process ensures more time for counseling and opportunity to further validate dead zones or regions of poor discrimination.

Patient involvement creates understanding of the capability of hearing instruments, aligning expectations with reality.

Patient’s partner involvement provides demonstrable proof that the instruments are “tuned-in” to the most important person(s) in their life. Third parties become more sympathetic to the patient and further value the entire process.

Establishes SpeechPro fitting specialists as the experts. A value added process not available in “competitive” retail chain environments.

Provides a unique opportunity to promote the practice as a diagnostic, state of the art facility.

Provides a bona-fide and demonstrable reason to insist the third party attend the fitting.

Integrates with Live Speech Mapping ; MedRX equipment required

Hearing Instrument programs using content of speech as the input

15 second programming to Target w/ Random Speech Noise

Targets NAL-NL1, DLS-io or MedRX Speech-o-gram (Speech Canoe)

All hearing instrument features remain active during programming (Adaptive feedback cancellation, Noise Reduction, Speech Enhancement, etc..) so that Live Programming, In-situ can be achieved.
  • Eliminates Real Ear to Coupler Difference (RECD)

  • Automatic confirmation / adjustment of compression ratios with option 80dB input

    Full screen presentation – no need to toggle between speech mapping and programming screens

    Manual mode option

    Visible in Peak Mode or LTAS

    NOAH compatible.

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