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SpeechPro, the world’s first fitting system that automatically programs to live speech or live input. A featured element of our EVoK product line, SpeechPro is a concept born from the goal to produce the most advanced instrument in the world: a perfect fit; a rapid programming experience; satisfied patients. SpeechPro integrates programming and live speech mapping creating an Adaptive Programming Protocol.™ In one easy step, SpeechPro measures the hearing instrument response in the ear and automatically adjusts the EVoK hearing instrument to the target prescription. Know exactly how the instrument is performing in real life.

We decided to think outside the box and look beyond the standard approach. SpeechPro is a first fit program customized for each patient. As each ear influences acoustic signals differently we looked to probe-mic measures. These are measurements taken to assess how sounds are influenced by the structures in an individual ear canal. They have long been recognized as the standard of care when assessing how the hearing instrument performs, since it is well known that ears are very different and should be treated individually.

We incorporate live signals into our first fit. Live input allows the instrument to be evaluated in a fully functional state and eliminates the fear of reduced gain in measurements. Automatic programming was incorporated with SpeechPro utilizing live speech mapping in one easy step. SpeechPro allows the instrument to program automatically while constantly measuring the hearing instrument responses in the ear. No more guessing about how the instrument will perform in real life. In fact, no fitting could be more accurate in less time.



Enter patient data / Audiogram.

Using the Avant REM speech mapping unit, and an Evok hearing device, position probe tube at least 1/8” beyond the output of the device.

Select the SpeechPro tab.

Select stimulus – Live Speech, Random Speech Noise, etc

Select target – NAL-NL1, Speech Canoe, DSL-io

Press “Start” and begin sound presentation.

SpeechPro will automatically program your device ensuring maximum gain for audibility without sacrificing gain for speech.